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We specialize in Local SEO for Locally-based Businesses in the USA and Canada.

PushPin.Biz Local SEO Services

Local SEO is a service that has emerged recently thanks to the technological efforts of top search engines – such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. These search engines have made an extremely strong push to introduce and enhance the local search capabilities of their sites. This unique trend is growing every day and our clients are getting huge gains from their exposure, especially since most of their competitors aren’t even aware of this type of service.

Local SEO vs. Organic SEO

Rank #1 for Local Results, NOT just organic results

Local optimization is much more important than “organic” due to placement and mobile search. Local results appear before organic results and are 10x’s more likely to be clicked on when compared to the paid advertisements that surround search results.

More importantly, you’re given the opportunity to directly target prospective customers or clients that are within 10 miles or “10 minutes” of your business.

Search engines now serve results tailored to the location the user is searching from. Meaning, a search in Jericho, NY will provide different results from one completed in Brooklyn, NY. Some even allow you to enter your zip code prior to searching!

Additionally, when people search for “your business”, you want to rank #1 with as much detailed information as possible – not just a link to your website. The easier it is for customers to find your business, the easier it is to increase your revenue. We make sure everything is spelled, listed, and displayed correctly.

Our Local SEO service works perfect for businesses that want to focus on a geographically defined area.

For example: Small businesses, media and legal services that want to focus on a 10 mile-max radius in and around their central hub, benefit greatly from our local seo service.

Here’s a Few Ways Our Local SEO Service Can Help

Send a Clear Message:

Send a Clear Message

Your business’ website is a direct representation of your real-world business. Therefore it must reinforce current and potential customers that your business is prepared to address their needs, both locally and online. Tell everyone that you’re open, available and can be trusted to handle all requests.

Up-To-Date Information:

Up-To-Date Information

Inaccuracies or outdated information can potentially lose a new customer, sale, or start your business off on the wrong foot. Our professionally trained staff makes sure your website and business directory profiles are regularly updated to reflect your status. This really pays off in the long run!

We Find the Best Keywords:

We Find the Best Keywords

It would be a waste of our time to optimize your website for keywords that aren’t being searched for. Our Search Engine Qualified Experts find you the most optimal keywords, which turn simple searches into purchases or leads. Are you using the right keywords?

We Watch Your Competitors:

We Watch Your Competitors

Our in-house experts will discover exactly what your competitors are and aren’t doing! As an example, we’ll find out which keywords they’re using and how many incoming links their site has. By doing so, you will have a huge advantage when it comes to outranking them.

Linkable & Sharable Content:

Linkable and Sharable Content

You can’t just type generic content together, throw it onto your website, and expect it to get high rankings. Your content needs to be meaningful and useful to viewers of your website. Our writing experts have years of experience at ghost writing.

“Talk” to the Search Engines:

Talk to the Search Engines

Search engines tend to reduce the amount of duplicate content that gets indexed. Therefore it’s very important that your website and business profile tells search engines what they should and should not index; such as lead generating landing pages.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

PushPin.Biz 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

The SEO industry has historically been shrouded in behind-the-scenes mystery, partly because no search engine officially publishes their secret “formula” of how they rank websites. However, our 20 years of internet marketing knowledge and experience has always put us ahead of the curve when ranking algorithms change.

All of our clients benefit from our Local seo strategies and 100% satisfaction guarantee! Our in-house experts are proud to be among the first to offer locally-based businesses a professional, yet affordable Local SEO service. We love helping businesses succeed in the ever evolving world of internet marketing – their success is our success!

Our Local SEO service will put your business on the map and keep you there – literally.

PushPin.Biz Customer Reviews & Maintaining a Positive Reputation

It’s time for you to leverage the areas you control by building a positive and accurate portrayal of your business online, using opportunities with respected third-parties to reinforce those claims, and by being ready to respond to reputational threats outside your grasp with our Local SEO services.