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What is a responsive or mobile website and why does your business need one?

PushPin.Biz 100% Responsive and Mobile Design

In short, mobile websites are purely designed for smaller screens. Whereas, responsive websites are designed to work and be viewed on all types of devices; such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and even mobile devices (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.) – view PushPin.Biz on a laptop, mobile phone, or re-size the browser window for a responsive website example.

The in-house experts at PushPin.Biz can help you plan, design, and build you a responsive business website or even just a mobile version based on your current website. Our site design service gives you the opportunity to fully customize and develop your online presence in order for your customers or clients to interact with your business in a completely new way.

All Features are Limited Only by the Imagination

100% Responsive or Mobile Design
100% Responsive or Mobile Site Design

Sell Your Products or Services Online
Sell Your Products or Services Online

Target Your Local Community
Directly Target Your Local Community

SEO Optimized Design
SEO Optimized Structure & Design

Web Analytics & Reporting
PushPin.Biz Web Analytics & Reporting

Increase Customer Retention Rates
Increase Customer Retention Rates

Communicate with Your Customers
Communicate with Your Customers

Maintenance & Priority Support
24/7 Maintenance & Priority Support

We Understand How Web “Users” Think

Users’ that visit websites aren’t that much different from customers’ in a local shop. As a web visitor, we tend to glance at each new page, scanning only partial text – looking for a link that catches our interest. Unlike a store, if we are unable to find what we are looking for, we are given the all mighty option of hitting the “back button;” which then allows us to continue our search process.

Are your website’s visitors fully engaged? Or are they leaving due to poor information or navigation? With years of experience, the teams at PushPin.Biz apply every known strategy available into your website’s design.

We are all on the go thanks to smartphones. How do your clients or customers find the best places to visit, shop, or get stuff done? Mobile Phones. If your business doesn’t have a mobile friendly website, then they’re not finding you. Grow your business the right way with a responsive or mobile website. More importantly, don’t just be “found” – Get NOTICED for being different and more “local” than your competitors with PushPin.Biz!


46% of U.S. consumers own a smartphone

Source: American and Internet Life Project (March 2012)


More people will use mobile phones than PCs to get online

Source: Gartner (2010)


One mobile device for every person on earth

Source: Cisco (2010)